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For advanced routers and switches, you can configure timed access of devices base on their MAC address. Punch it into your web browser, followed by port For some strange reason, Easy N Tech decided to make the web server port 81 instead of the standard port After doing so, you will be prompted to enter your login credential. You should double check the bottom of the camera of the box that the camera was packaged in.

There is a silver sticker that will indicate the log-in credentials:. Unfortunately for Mac OS X users, only the second option works. The first option has the most features but require the use of Internet Explorer. For the sake of comparison, here is what the ActiveX mode vs.

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Server Push Mode look like:. First thing you want to do inside the web-based UI is set up the network parameters.

The IP Camera allows you to do this in two fashions:. For this tutorial, I will keep things simple. The default factory port is Click on Set to apply the changes.

Foscam mojave

Your camera will reboot itself. Be sure to wait 30 seconds for the camera to fully reboot itself before proceeding.


Renaming your IP Camera. You can change the username, password and access levels here. User Settings and access levels. You can configure your IP Camera to send email.

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  • Setup a FOSCAM WiFi camera directly connected to a Mac via Ethernet.
  • If configured properly, the IP Camera will email you its external URL upon boot-up and if you set up the camera to enable alarm with email notification, the IP Camera will use your email setting to send you email with six screenshot of event proceeding the event that triggered the alarm. Configuring your IP Camera to send email. The parameter for Mail Service Settings is pretty straightforward. You can utilize any SMTP server to send email as long as they accept email relays and you can authenticate with the outgoing server.

    One or two parameters is either incorrect or omitted. In order to have the IP Camera take screenshots and save it to a hard drive, either due to triggering the motion detector or because the Scheduler was configured, an FTP server and folder must be entered. You can either turn on or turn off the motion detector or you can schedule a block of date and time in which the motion detector is activated. Alarm Service Settings. The IP Camera will reboot itself, taking up to 30 seconds. The motion detector will arm itself 30 seconds after the camera has booted up to give you time to evacuate the premise and avoid false alarms.

    As you can see, my Sulcata tortoise went trigger happy:. FTP Upload Folder content example. For advanced topic, such as port forwarding for remote access i. In order to view your IP Camera while away from your local area network, you will need to know a couple of things. First, your ISP controls what incoming connection is permitted. Quick Links. If you have suggestions for the Foscam Pro iPhone app or iPad app, please let us know.

    By default, this range is: Incidentally I get sound when I use the uFoscam app on my mac but after about 5 minutes the sound and video go out of sync by about 30 seconds or more. Our FAQs, support videos, and other resources will help you use Foscam products to the best advantage. Get from Foscam. If it finds a camera, it will be displayed in the above screen. If you are looking for our version 1 app, please click or tap here. Equipment Search Tool.

    The app is totally free to access. Before you start make sure that your phone; has the Foscam app installed, is connected to your WiFi network and that you have created a Foscam Cloud account which is free. Start typing in the "Make" box to find your camera. Server Web. The best Foscam viewer I have ever downloaded! I have been looking for foscam app that would let me view multiple cameras at once. It is designed especially for Foscam cameras. I asked Foscam to explain exactly how I download the plugin but they couldnt help. Foscam App keeps you connected to your home or business anytime, anywhere.

    For Mac - Older H.

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    Foscam Pro Guide. I am trying to set up my foscam ip camera to work remotely with their foscam pro app. Foscam Viewer also gives you views of Portrait and Landscape mode. There exist's few significant guidelines below that you will have to pay attention to before you start to download Foscam PC. Capture video from your camera live view to your iPhone to play back later. This app can also be used on Windows and Mac devices. I did as above and still no luck. Bypassing the need to access your router and setup port forwarding, the FIP can be set up effortlessly by anyone, even those with very little IT experience.

    Mutter - server details lost on quit; OS Maps - fails to load map image tiles for any of the map types. You can track the performance of Fosky - Controller for Foscam of every day across FoscamH is the most feature rich app to take advantage of your Foscam brand H.

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    • Foscam Support. Click Done Well actually it's a china product but I do not know the actually brand name and I do tried using window and download some software which are free but their functions are limited, when I was asked to choose the brand name it works with the brand names called Wansview and Foscam. Interesting Features in the Foscam App.

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      Here in this guide, we will tell you how to view Foscam on PC. Setup Videos. Faster, free and. FoscamH is the most feature rich app to take advantage of your Foscam brand H. As a security feature some Setup Foscam. At OWLR, we chose to simplify using a camera viewer by removing the visual cruft and making your life easier by giving you a simple, safe and secure Foscam viewing app for your pleasure.

      Tap the test button under the local or remote address. With Foscam App you can: - Leave all the connection work to Foscam. De volgende lijst geeft aan met welke software de Foscam camera's samenwerken. It is one of the best app by which you can easily control workings of P2P cams.

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      The following guide will show you how to setup Foscam cameras and the Foscam Pro iPhone app or iPad app for reliable local while your iPhone or iPad is on the same network as the camera and remote viewing while your iPhone or iPad outside your home network. Foscam EU. Versione demo. Foscam Pro allows you use your Foscam IP cameras directly from your phone. Double click on IPCamSetup. My Profile Logout.

      Foscam App. For Mac OS. Finally, all the features you want and need are in one place.

      We won't post anything on your timeline. Email address. Forgot your password? Log in. New at Coolblue? Create an account. Shopping cart All aboard. Ordered before , delivered tomorrow for free. Free returns. Stores Customer Service. Foscam IP cameras. How do you set up a Foscam camera? You don't need to be an expert on networks or camera settings. The only thing you need is the steps described below. What do you need to install a Foscam IP camera?