The big mac index is used by economists because

Of course, there is a similar drawback to using the Big Mac Index: It only includes a single item and lacks the diversification seen in other economic indicators that factor in many different products and services.

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But the index becomes useful in other countries where reliable indexes aren't available, such as those that manipulate government statistics or those that don't publish official data. In these countries, investors may have trouble comparing consumer inflation to the exchange rate.

For example, many economists believed that Argentina had been modifying its official consumer price data to understate its true rate of inflation between and These insights could have helped international investors get a true idea of inflation when trying to value bonds or other inflation-sensitive securities. Investors can use data from the Big Mac Index in many different ways.

For instance, they can use the values to determine if a currency is overvalued or undervalued relative to others and trade based on that data in the foreign exchange market. Similarly, investors can measure changes in values over time to determine rates of inflation and compare that to official records. Inflation itself is extremely useful to know when it comes to valuing financial instruments.

For example, bond yields must factor in anticipated rates of inflation to ensure that they're still attractive in the future. Inflation rates also impact currency valuations, which is important for both investors and politicians that grapple with whether tariffs or other trade barriers are justified.

Everything you need to know to understand all about The Economist’s theory of the Big Mac index.

In the end, international investors should use the Big Mac Index as just one of the many tools that their disposal when analyzing international markets. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. In addition, there is no theoretical reason why non-tradable goods and services such as property costs should be equal in different countries: this is the theoretical reason for PPPs being different from market exchange rates over time.

The relative cost of high- margin products, such as essential pharmaceutical products, or cellular telephony might compare local capacity and willingness to pay , as much as relative currency values. Nevertheless, McDonald's is also using different commercial strategies which can result in huge differences for a product.

Currency Valuation with the Big Mac Index

In some markets, a high-volume and low-margin approach makes most sense to maximize profit, while in others a higher margin will generate more profit. Thus the relative prices reflect more than currency values.

What Is The Economist Big Mac Index?

One other example is that Russia has one of the cheapest Big Macs, despite the fact that Moscow is the most expensive city in the world. They no longer prominently advertised Big Macs for sale and the sandwich, both individually and as part of value meals , was being sold for an unusually low price compared to other items. Guillermo Moreno , Secretary of Commerce in the Kirchner government, reportedly forced McDonald's to sell the Big Mac at an artificially low price to manipulate the country's performance on the Big Mac index.

A Buenos Aires newspaper stated "Moreno loses the battle". The Big Mac and virtually all sandwiches vary from country to country with differing nutritional values, weights and even nominal size differences. Not all Big Mac burgers offered by the chain are exclusively beef. On 1 November , all three of the McDonald's in Iceland closed, primarily due to the chain's high cost of importing most of the chain's meat and vegetables, by McDonald's demands and standards, from the Eurozone.

Big Mac Index

Six most expensive July 18, This statistic shows the most expensive places to buy a Big Mac. Six cheapest July 18, This statistic shows the least expensive places to buy a Big Mac. Six fastest earned July This statistic shows the average working time required to buy one Big Mac in selected cities around the world in Six slowest earned July This statistic shows the average working time required to buy one Big Mac in selected cities around the world in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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