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Only give administrator level account access to trusted people and users. This method utilizes System Preferences to privilege a user account to admin status, it works to convert any standard user account into an administrator level account in any version of Mac OS X, whether it is called Mac OS X, macOS, or OS X does not matter, the procedure is the same. This gives the user full administrator access of the Mac. In this way, the users abilities are now basically the same as having created a new Admin account, except that it converts an existing user account into an administrator on the Mac.

What this is effectively doing is granting a user administrator privileges on the Mac, elevating the abilities of the standard account to be an admin. You can revoke administrator access from an account on the Mac, thereby turning an admin account back to a Standard account. Keep in mind that all Macs must have at least one admin account.

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Only trusted users should have Admin level accounts on a Mac. Administrator access allows the admin user abilities to change any and all system settings, install software, install updates, change passwords, create new accounts , delete existing user accounts , erase data, encrypt a drive, and much more. Do not give an untrusted user an administrator level account or admin access account on any Mac. This depends.

If you are an advanced user who is comfortable with administrator level access and what it offers, then sure you can use an Admin account. There is no right or wrong answer here, it just depends on your comfort level, security habits, the Mac usage environment itself, and your particular computer use case.

Remember, never give an Admin account to someone you do not trust to have full access to the computer. If a casual person wants to use your Mac for any purpose, set up the Guest user account in Mac OS for them instead, as described here. Have any ideas, comments, or questions pertaining to standard and admin accounts for a Mac? Let us know in the comments below! Enjoy this tip?

MacOS gives users full admin rights without password

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I have a working account and forgot the password and I still have my admin account, any chance to reset it. I have sierra. The software is not installed correctly. I am the account administrator. Wha an be done to correct the problem. The guest account is a special built in account that does not retain its settings or data upon logging out of it. In other words, just create another account if you need one. In OS X How do I do this?

You can from a standard or admin account.

You can use an admin account, or authenticate an admin login from a standard account, do this when you press the unlock button. When I click the lock it tells me to type one. I have the same question.

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My only account in my mac is set up as a standard account. How do I change my main account to Admin?

Here are detailed instructions on how you can turn your standard account into an administrator account on Mac:. Your admin password was set during the initial setup of your Mac, it may be the same as your general account password if you never changed either of them. As a result, resetting the password for an admin account means that you can no longer access the keychain for that account. After resetting the admin password and logging in again, you will likely receive an alert that macOS was unable to unlock your login keychain.

Click Create New Keychain to start fresh. As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can reset a lost or forgotten admin password and regain access to a Mac, although they all depend on knowing either another admin password or an Apple ID password. And of course, make sure to keep regular backups, which can help you recover from a multitude of sins.

No Admin Account on macOS Catalina or Eralier fix in 2 Ways: Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini

The Terminal version appears to be different—and more secure—than with previous versions of macOS. Heretofore the password assistant merely required you to select an account and you could create a new password. As well, when you logged in the the new password you could convert the old keychain if you remembered the old password. High Sierra seems a bit harder to get in to. Thanks for the article. Is there a way to reset the keychain password without losing all the stored info?

I know admin user account and keychain passwords, but they are no the same I changed admin account password several OS versions ago but that change never happened to keychain password. Is the keychain password machine specific? Yes, you can use Keychain Access.

Due to other computing needs, I must still use High Sierra.

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No matter which method I use it seems to want to contact an authentication server, which it cannot find. Photo by Masaaki Komori.

Reset the Password Using an Apple ID

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