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Well, it comes with different requirements and needs which we've carefully outlined.

But you don't have to wait for the deadline to realize that you can't complete the assignment on time. Virtually anyone can benefit from having a mentor.

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And most well-known, accomplished and successful artists can identify people in their lives who acted as mentors. The following list of mentor pairs was compiled by Rey Carr from a variety of sources including autobiographies, biographies, newspaper articles, personal interviews, and diligent historical research. If you know of mentor pairs that ought to be added, we have provided an opportunity for you to submit the names and details: Add a Mentor Pair.

Canadian jazz pianist and teacher George Essihos was a mentor to jazz drummer Don Leppard. Leppard said of his mentor, "He was a little different, and he wasn't a talker.

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It wouldn't even be much of a rehearsal. We'd run four bars, and he'd say, 'OK, do it that way. Legendary jazz trombonist Al Greywho mostly played with the Count Basie orchestra and wrote the book on Plunger Techniques is a mentor to American jazz and fusion slide trombonist Robin Eubanks. American promoter and producer Sid Bernsteincredited with being the first promoter of stadium rock concerts and for kickstarting the British Invasion by bringing the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Moody Blues, and Herman's Hermits to America for their first stateside performances, was a mentor to singer-songwriter Gary Ra'chac.

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