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In the past, I overtook a discussion working with sa on this issue, apologies for doing that as it wasn't fully related to the issue on that discussion but since then I have not heard from him. Included are the most recent logs. I would like feedback on this and I am a loyal lifetime Plex Pass subscriber. I would like to use the premium music features that come with being a Plex Pass member. My photo library shows thumbnail pictures on the dashboard, but when I click them, it displays a message that says, "There are no playable items.

Plex can see my photos well enough to display thumbnails on the dashboard, including brand new uploads, but not well enough to show them full screen?

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I need this fixed asap. I paid for the privilege of being able to connect to my media server on my mac through my ipad pro. No problems until a few days ago when my iPad would not connect to my Mac Pro saying that it needs server version 1.

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Even after manually trying to reconnect its still showing the same problem. Any ideas other than replacing my old Mac Pro which isnt going to happen. I'm trying to sync some movies from my server running on OS X to my iPad. About half of the movies sync OK, but the rest don't. The error is "This media is inaccessible.

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Please check that the file exists with the correct permissions. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, do you know of a workaround? I just updated my Plex Media Server on my old Mac Mini - the web-interface told me, that a new version was available, and I hit "Upgrade" like so many times before. However this time, PMS did not start after the upgrade. When attempting to start the process manually in bash gives:. I suspect, that Plex no longer runs on Lion Had hoped that the installer would have told me that I was attempting upgrade to an unsupported version If that is indeed the case, I would like to know where to download an older version - preferably the most recent running on New to Plex on Mac.

Plex will crash as soon as I see screen saver on Mac Mini. Turn off display: Never Firewall turned off. See attached logs from Plex. Plex works fine as long as it is running.

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What am I doing wrong, Any help will be appreciated. I am thinking this is MacOS issue, not Plex issue. I've been using Plex for years. After updating to High Sierra on my Mac Mini, I no longer can see my server in the plex app both on the server itself and from any other app. I have turned off any VPN, firewall, or proxy, logged out of all my apps and the server, deleted all my devices, I even created a new Plex profile.

I've cleared history, caches, etc. I have verified it is running, seeing entries in the logs, etc. I have downloaded the latest Plex Media Server.

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All to no avail, the server still does not appear as an option to configure in the plex app after I log in. Chromecast Remove 12Mbps video bitrate limit.

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  • Remove folder view from library sections when user has restrictions. Support unicode attributes scanning WMA files. Recently Added hub items weren't always sorted correctly. Media Optimizer Crash after video transcode with certain subtitle configurations. Sync Windows Issues ensuring transcode directory is writable. Sync iOS Improve accuracy of synced resolution and bitrate metadata.

    Advanced preference to set the x preset used with background transcodes. Fixes Windows Address installation errors on systems missing a required service pack or operating system update. Media Optimizer Processing wouldn't always restart to handle newly-added library content. Sync Sync item configuration changes weren't being picked up immediately. Sync Watched items weren't being immediately removed from unwatched-only sync items.

    Sync Unwatched-only sync items might not include specific unwatched items in some rare cases. Sync Run Cloud Sync every 24 hours, in order to sync view counts to the cloud.

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    Popular tracks list for artists wasn't respecting sharing restrictions. Netgear RN21x package no longer overwrites Preferences. Incorrect auto-update download links in some rare cases. Playback could fail to start on LG TVs in some rare cases. Crash during episode post-play. Windows Allow host PC to go to sleep. Sync Original item order wasn't preserved when processing items. Sync Unwatched-only policies weren't working as expected for some sync items. Sync Unwatched-only and limit policies weren't being applied to synced playlists.

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    Sync Cloud Sync stability improvements. Improved accuracy and reliability of PubSub server selection.

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    • In some cases, movie year was incorrectly being set to the file's creation time. Playlist duration and item count could be incorrect in some cases. Fixed a case where optimizing the database could hang the server. Allow overriding log file location using an environment variable, on non-Windows platforms. Fixes Apple TV could display subtitle streams as English instead of the actual language. Media Optimizer Display correct set of optimized videos for unwatched-only optimizations. Media Optimizer Don't fail if the file system doesn't support creating a dot-prefixed directory.

      Update plex. Browse errors in some clients after restricting music library sharing by album label. In rare cases, newly added episodes might not receive correct metadata. Windows Crash on startup if iTunes registry key is corrupted. Improved last.