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It took some time to figure qout which files to edit and how. Should be easy to transfer that to my home-directory at my provider - I thought. I copied all moinmoin directories from my local home directory to my provider. I then edited all config files as described for the cgi installation. I was able to get a single wiki working without much trouble.

I am using standalone and I am having trouble setting up farmconfig. I have modifed my farmconfig. Check your URL regular expressions in the "wikis" list in "farmconfig. Am I configuring the wiki farm to only work on sub pages? I wanted to try to convey my problem as clearly as possible.

It appears that my regular expression is incorrect. I have modified it in many ways and I am not getting the desired results.

Thank you for your time in advance BobStrickland Apache2: where to put the stuff that goes in httpd. When I did it anyways, it didn't work. Hope that helps.

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You can then put the stuff in httpd. Do I need to explicitly enable anything for this to work?

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No additional configuration is required. How do I make the server find the htdocs directory? You need to add an alias like this in your lighttpd. But when I omit the last slash i. What did I do wrong? What info do you need to help? I am on a host that requires using cgiwrap so moin. I appear to be getting the following problem reported in Apache's error. I've also checked all paths etc and everything looks about right to me I do think this is mainly caused by your apache configuration. Please provide your apache config file if this does not help.

You've indicated that the additional security in this updated release might be the conflict which causes the document root for the virtual host to become inaccessible Can you clarify your resolution for me however Sorry to be a dum dum here, but can you explicitly outline what you suggest here?

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I am able to browse the default file in the htdocs directory, just not the mywiki sub directory Here are the important directives in my httpd. AddHandler cgi-script. As Python sets itself in the system path during install "! I've now managed to hit another "permissions" error, this time the Apache error. Michael I've made incorrect assumptions before, so instead of guessing I'm wondering if you can shed some light on this error, and possibly help me on the way to a shiny new fully-functioning wiki 1. Thanks for all your assistance -- Paul Upgrade from Desktop edition to standard edition with Apache and retain URLs Running Desktop edition with Python installed for a year.

Love it.

Want to upgrade to Apache for improved performance. However, following the standard instructions to install MoinMoin under Apache results in different URLs for all the pages, which would break all bookmarks. Desktop edition looks as though the server is dedicated to that application, at least on the chosen port. I've done this as an experiment, not yet on the live system. Lots of users have stored bookmarks without the wikiname in them, and I would like not to break them all. Help, please.

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Thanks in advance. Here's a sample that works for me on our Intranet. I would like to have it portable and since those sticks are now large enough, that sounds like a good idea. But what about writing cycles? Do you speak on caching for the wiki or for the stick? I was thinking about limiting the storage space required. Since I don't know how moinmoin works, I am concerned about the limited number of writing cycles of those media. It might write something to the same area of the stick over and over again and killing it within a few weeks by doing that.

I have just added " at the end " AMD64 Version? Do you mean that you're looking for an RPM? Otherwise, try installing the tarball using the instructions on this site. For "standalone" mode, it's fairly easy on any OS including Linux. I've got it up and running.

I was pretty sure that it would work, but I'm really short of time and thought that I had better be proactive in posting a question. Is there any problem or limitation with using this method?

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What do you mean by "without moinmodpy"? Cannot get themes to work My default install of MoinMoin has no theme.

Mac server wiki themes

Everything that would normally be in a sidebar or along the top just appears as plain-looking text. Menu items are in a bulleted list. My install must be screwed up somehow file locations or permissions but so far I've not been able to find the problem. All the features seem to work fine, just the formatting is messed up.

Can someone offer suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I had missed the step to set up an alias in Apache that points to the moin htdocs Once I added this, everything worked beautifully. I am trying to create a standalone moinmoin wiki on a linode running debian and apache. I have python 2. I am using 2. I am not sure which I should modify and i am supposed to move the moin. Where should I copy the moin. I am trying to create a standalone moinmoin wiki on a linux machine running debian. Then I followed the instructions here to create an instance of the wiki.

Then I followed the instruction here on copying moin.

Os x server wiki themes

When I run moin. Then I tried running 'python moin. It gives Check docs setting and permissions. I tried changing the Defaults in the Config class, it wouldn't work! A: If you want a standalone wiki, just download the current MoinMoin release, uncompress it, run. Is this possible? If so, how?

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A: I did it by editing the 'wikiconfig. I guess that would only be of help if there are not too many pages! I do, however, believe that renaming pages can be done as a batch process - but I've never attempted it. MoinMoin uses this request variable to determine a suitable prefix 'base' URL.

The configuration for this case was web server and WSGI server dependent and not clearly documented. MoinMoin deployment in the case that the wiki is served from the root of a site is simplistic and works with very little additional configuration; when served from a URL prefix, additional steps are needed: A location block should be configured in Nginx to handle the URI path on the server from which MoinMoin will be served.

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