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In order to communicate or transfer the data from one computer to another computer we need some address. In Computer Network various types of address are introduced; each works at different layer.

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MAC Addresses are unique bits hardware number of a computer, which is embedded into network card known as Network Interface Card during the time of manufacturing. MAC Address is word wide unique, since millions of network devices exists and we need to uniquely identify each.

How to find the MAC address

MAC Address is a digit hexadecimal number 6-Byte binary number , which is mostly represented by Colon-Hexadecimal notation. Here are some OUI of well known manufacturers :. The rightmost six digits represents Network Interface Controller , which is assigned by manufacturer. But this is just a conversion, not mandatory.

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Multicast — Multicast address allow the source to send a frame to group of devices. Now the system will be identified through MAC address.

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